Ongoing developments in the aftermath of Anna Nicole Smith's death:

" As Florida courtrooms battle to decide who has the right to bury Smith, Virgie Arthur said on Wednesday that any estrangement between the two was largely due to Howard K. Stern's omnipresence in her daughter's life, and broke down in tears as she recalled how she was not invited to grandson Daniel's funeral. "She wasn't estranged from me all those years. We were still in contact," said Arthur. "It was when she was older, when she was with Howard Stern, that I was not able to get ahold of her." Circuit court judge Larry Seidlin has said he would rule by Friday on where Smith's body should be buried. (Fox News)

" Arthur wants to exhume Daniel Smith, now buried in the Bahamas, and bring his body to Texas, to be buried with his mother in Anne Nicole's native state. (AP)

" On Tuesday, lawyers for Stern played a video in which Smith calls Arthur "mommy dearest." "You want to hear all the things she did to me... the things she let my father... or my brother do to me? Or my sister? All the beatings and the whippin's and the rape? That's my mom!" Smith told the camera.

" The lawyer for Larry Birkhead, the other primary candidate in 5-month-old Dannielynn's paternity question, allegedly muttered at Stern, "You killed Anna," at one point prompting an outcry from Stern's lawyer and an admonishment from the judge. (New York Daily News)

" After describing Smith as "my best friend, lover, mother of my daughter... my whole world," Stern told the courtroom that the deceased often talked about her death, but became increasingly preoccupied with it after her son Daniel died in September of a drug overdose, at age 20. "Anna always thought in a way that she was going to die young," Stern said. "She thought she was going to be like Marilyn Monroe, she thought she would die at the age of 36 or 37." (Fox News)

New developments will be reported as they happen.

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