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Anna Nicole Smith may have had sexual contact with two of her doctors, and a Los Angeles pharmacist rejected a prescription for the reality star five months before her 2007 death, calling it "pharmaceutical suicide," the Los Angeles Times reports.

Newly unsealed affidavits revealed these details, including a description of the prescription in question, which called for 300 tablets of methadone, two types of sedatives, a muscle relaxer, an anti-inflammatory drug and four bottles of a painkiller nicknamed "hospital heroin."

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"They are going to kill her with this," an affidavit quoted the pharmacist as saying.Smith, 39, was found dead

five months later in February 2007 in a Florida hotel room due to what a Florida medical examiner called an "acute combined drug overdose."The pharmacist's account is part of state officials' ongoing investigation about the involvement of two of Smith's doctors — psychiatrist Dr. Khristine Eroschevich and internist Dr. Sandeep Kapoor — and Howard K. Stern, Smith's lawyer and companion, in the former Playboy playmate's drug use.According to the affidavits, Smith had 44 prescriptions under at least nine different names at the time of her death.

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The unsealed affidavits show that officials are investigating whether both doctors violated professional boundaries and had sexual contact with Smith.According to one affidavit, three photos from Smith's laptop show her and Eroschevich naked, embracing in a bathtub two months before her death. Other footage, a video previously shown on Inside Edition, depicts a shirtless Kapoor "kissing and nuzzling" Smith.Eroschevich, Kapoor and Stern have each been charged with conspiring to provide her with controlled substances and have all pleaded not guilty. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for next month.Stern could not be reached for comment and calls to Eroschevich and Kapoor's lawyers for comment were not returned Tuesday.