Ongoing developments in the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith.... (Our previous reportage can be found here and here.)

" Prince Frederic von Anhalt plans to file a paternity challenge to gain custody of Smith's 5-month-old daughter, Dannielynn - even though wife Zsa Zsa Gabor has told him, "If you bring a baby home, it's over." OK, who here ordered crazy? (AP)

" Smith was taking 10 different types of medication as she recovered from two recent breast surgeries, at least one of which was to correct a problem caused by an earlier augmentation. If taken in an "improper mix," the meds could have resulted in her death. (MSNBC)

" A photo circulated by and purportedly showing that Smith's hotel-room fridge contained TrimSpa rival Optifast shakes, as well as methadone, has been deemed "staged" and "sick," by her attorney. ( New York Post)

" In the wake of Howard K. Stern's Saturday reunion with Dannielynn, the infant's other prospective father, Larry Birkhead, has teamed up with Smith's estranged mother to try to gain custody. Says Birkhead's lawyer, "Everybody is in agreement that that child must be removed from Howard K. Stern's environment, and everybody is going to do whatever they can to get that done." Everybody, really? Suddenly I am curious as to the legal definition of "everybody." ( New York Post)

" Birkhead's paternity claim more or less hinges on whether Dannielynn was born prematurely, according to the date of his and Smith's "relations." While one of Smith's lawyers scoffs at the notion, Birkhead's lawyer says, "There's every indication the child is a preemie." Or so everybody concurs, she probably meant. (New York Daily News)

The TV Guide Channel looks back at Smith's rise and tragic fall with Anna Nicole: An Unfinished Life , which retraces her career from her emergence as a top model to her courtroom battles to her reality-TV comeback. Also examined: her last months, her unresolved lawsuits and her final legacy. The special airs throughout this week. Check local listings.