A pair of diaries written by the late Anna Nicole Smith in the early '90s are among her personal belongings being sold off by Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas. Included in her revelations, the Associated Press reports, is the fact that, although she says she loved him, her elderly husband, J. Howard Marshall II, drove her batty. "He call me 15 or 20 times a day," she wrote not quite so eloquently. Perhaps tellingly, the yo-yo dieter ends an entry with not "Ciao!" but "Chow!"

In related news, TMZ says the California Medical Board is investigating Smith's shrink, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich, who prescribed her and companion Howard K. Stern more drugs than your local CVS (and without the long lines) - including chloral hydrate, which was the most direct cause of A-N's death.

Friday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner.