Jennifer Aniston by John Shearer/ Jennifer Aniston by John Shearer/

America's (if not Brad's) sweetheart makes people want to pick her up and take her home with them. So says a survey by of the faces that best sell magazines. According to an analysis of six celebrity weeklies over a six-month span, putting Jennifer Aniston on the cover boosted sales to the tune of five million total copies. Following Jen in gotta-read-about-it-ness was ex-hubby Pitt (the only gent to make the top 10), while ScarJo, Angelina and Reese Witherspoon rounded out the top five.

According to Forbes, beleaguered and oversaturated Britney, interestingly, does not move mags, but instead resulted in sales 600,000 below average. The only celeb to have a lower appeal rating than Brit was Paris Hilton.