Jennifer Aniston by Jeff Vespa/ Jennifer Aniston by Jeff Vespa/
UPDATE: Aniston's rep tells Us the adoption rumor is "completely false. Jennifer has not met with any adoption agencies."

Original story: Maybe there was simply a miscommunication in the glossies about Jennifer Aniston getting a new boy? To hear OK! tell it, Jen is hot to get her hands on a son and hop on the adoptive mommy track alongside the likes of Sheryl Crow, Madonna and, oh yeah, that Angelina chick. "The process has 100 percent started," an adoption agency source tells the tabloid (shattering all sorts of confidentiality rules, I would think). Adds a "close friend" of Aniston's (yet apparently not close enough that she believes their friendship could withstand her revealing Aniston's family-making plans to the national media), "She is happier and more excited than she has ever been."