Elisabeth Hasselbeck by Steve Fenn/ABC Elisabeth Hasselbeck by Steve Fenn/ABC

After cheerfully describing her experience of cutting off a chicken's head on The View, Elisabeth "For This, We Lost Rosie?" Hasselbeck is being called on the carpet by PETA. A statement from the organization that speaks for our fine-feathered friends reads: "PETA has two words for Hasselbeck - 'Cluck you!' Next to Barbara and Joy, who expressed compassion, Elisabeth sat there chirping about the joys of killing defenseless birds. Conservatives love animals, too, and she ruffled a lot of feathers today. Now that Whoopi has joined the show, maybe it's time for Hasselbeck's head to go on the chopping block."

Whether, like Ausiello and I, you'd sooner go hungry than order a McNugget, I think that's a movement we can all get behind. Yay? Nay?