Angela Bassett has been known as many things in her various lives as an actress — mostly serious, dramatic roles and even scary roles including Ramona Royale on American Horror Story — but we'll soon see another side of her when Master of None returns: funny lady.

Bassett hung with the show's creator Aziz Ansari, who can now add Emmy winner to his resume, and the two dreamed up an ideal role for her as the parent to one of Aziz's friends. What kind of mom will Angela be? Turns out, she'll, "have a lot to learn," Bassett told on the Emmys red carpet.

Not only that, but we're going to get to see a bit of an American Horror Story style twist when Bassett heads to the Netflix show. They won't just be sticking to the modern New York setting of the show (or possibly Europe, as Ansari's character headed there at the end of Season 1). Bassett told us that her character will jump back and forth in time. Probably not literally; but we will be seeing flashbacks involving her, and some of the other characters.

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Master of None returns to Netflix in 2017.