Andy Serkis Andy Serkis

It's confirmed: Andy Serkis will play a character named "Supreme Leader Snoke" in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

On Thursday, published an interview with photographer Annie Leibovitz, who photographed the cast for Vanity Fair. In it, they casually mention: "A previously unpublished photo of Andy Serkis, also sporting mo-cap gear for his portrayal of Supreme Leader Snoke, is available here exclusively."

Serkis is no stranger to the motion capture business: He's suited up to play everyone from Gollum in Lord of the Rings to Caesar in Planet of the Apes. included the photo in their tweet about the interview:

So... who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Before the interview came out, next to nothing existed on the Internet about a Star Wars character with that name. Which means it's probably one of two things: This might be like when Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as "John Harrison" in Star Trek Into Darkness, which is to say, a red herring to throw us off who he's actually playing. (Not at all coincidentally, J.J. Abrams directed both Into Darkness and the new Star Wars movie.)

Or Snoke could be an entirely new character; a species of alien that necessitates its movements be computer-generated.

Either way, we're super excited!

How do you think Snoke will fit into the plot?

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