David Anders David Anders

Although there still are no plans for Heroes to resurrect the enigmatic Adam Monroe, David Anders will soon return to your TV screen.

Alias' Sark will guest-star on the second episode of the new Fox drama Lie to Me, which premieres Wednesday, Jan. 21, TVGuide.com has confirmed.  

Sporting a military-style buzz-cut, Anders will play Sgt. Scott, a commanding officer who is charged by a female soldier with sexual assault. As such, you can count on him having every eye twitch, touch of the temple, wrinkle of the smile and earlobe blush scrutinized and analyzed by Tim Roth's Dr. Cal Lightman aka "the world's leading deception expert."

Starring opposite Roth on Lie to Me is The Practice's Kelli Williams who — and I told her this just last night at Fox's TCA soiree — has never looked better.

As previously reported, Anders recently filmed a starring role in a Sci Fi Channel remake of Children of the Corn, premiere date TBD.