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Squad Goals: Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence Riding a Jetski

Get ready to feel insanely jealous.

Jessica Roy

Get ready to feel insanely jealous.

Amy Schumer posted some photos to Instagram on Thursday that show her frolicking with her best friends, including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

In the first pic, captioned "Binder of women" (a nod to Mitt Romney's failed 2012 campaign -- nice #TBT!), we see a bunch of girls on floaties and pool noodles. In the second one, it's just the Trainwreck star and the Hunger Games star astride a jetski, with Lawrence driving. Caption: "Jlaw #maniac".

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Basically, they're having the best summer ever. If you're stuck in the office, shivering from the aggressive A/C and eating your sad desk salad, at least be comforted by the knowledge that two of the coolest women in Hollywood are having enough summer fun for all of us.

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