Amy Schumer, <em>GQ</em> Amy Schumer, GQ

GQ has declared Amy Schumer "the funniest woman in the galaxy," an honor the comedian celebrated with her usual combination of sex and satire.

In the Star Wars-themed photoshoot, Schumer has a threesome with R2-D2 and C-3PO, gets very suggestive with a lightsaber, dances on the Cantina bar, can-can's with some Stormtroopers and even dons the ultimate symbol of male fantasy, Princess Leia's gold bikini, while sucking on C-3PO's finger.

Schumer has always used her comedy to comment on the double-standards women are subjected to, particularly when it comes to sexuality. She's even taking this patriarch-smashing discussion to the big screen in her first feature film, Trainwreck.

"We're all given this male gaze. It's just instilled in us," Schumer recently told Complex. "In every movie, it's still the slow pan from the shoe up the girl's thigh, and we're watching it, like, 'Well, that's not how I look at women.' That's why we're not comfortable with the male form. So it's so funny when we see a guy naked, but when a woman's naked, it's like, '[Moans].'"

"If you're healthy about your vices, it's not fair that they should be okay for men and not women," Schumer said. "If you're happy and you're enjoying your life and you're figuring it out and that's what you wanna do, then yeah. I drink. I will have sex with someone. You know? It's like, that's okay. I feel fine about that. The only thing that's not fine about it is the way other people will react."

While Schumer will have to wait to see how people will react to Trainwreck when it hits theaters this weekend, so far people seem to be loving her sexed-up Star Wars photos - something Schumer pseudo-predicted earlier this spring.

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