Sixteen-year-old Calysta Bevier has a moving story and an equally moving voice.

The Ohio native had a tough road to get to the America's Got Talent stage. She survived ovarian cancer, which she explained after Howie Mandel remarked on her short haircut. Now she's healthy and ready to win AGT. And with a voice like that, she could go all the way. Check our her skilled and emotional performance of Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" above.

Calysta Bevier, <em>America's Got Talent</em>Calysta Bevier, America's Got Talent

Bevier earned praise from all the judges, but Simon Cowell's was particularly meaningful.

"Your spirit, your choice of song, your voice - I think you're really special," the notoriously harsh judge enthused. "I've just got this really incredible feeling about you." He then hit the golden buzzer, automatically sending Bevier through to the live rounds.

This is not the first ding of the golden buzzer, which can only be used one time per judge per season, during these audition rounds. Last week, Heidi Klum used hers to advance singer Sal Valentinelli.