Lightwire Theater Lightwire Theater

Another twelve acts took the stage Tuesday night in the hopes of continuing on America's Got Talent. While the night was filled with lackluster performances, one act clearly outshined the rest.

The Lightwire Theater's performance as a group of dancing birds provided a spectacular end to the night. Their captivating combination of dance, puppetry and lighting earned Lightwire a standing ovation from all three judges, who couldn't seem to contain their glee during critiques.

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"You're going to the finals," Howie Mandel excitedly declared before encouraging America to pick up their phones and vote for the unique act. "That was spectacular in every sense of the word,"

Sharon Osbourne said. Howard Stern added: "No disappointments here. That's a big stage show. That's a million dollar act."It'd be a shock if Lightwire were eliminated in tonight's results show, but with only four acts continuing on, competition is tough.Watch the full performance below:

As proof that it can be difficult to predict which acts will be successful on variety shows, tonight's guests of honor are Britain's Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey.

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The girl and dog act took top prize in 2012 with their cutesy dance routines. In tonight's results show, the pair will perform their Charleston routine from the semi-finals.Check it out below:

While their performances are undeniably adorable, are they really impressive enough to have earned the pair £500,000 (approximately $780,000)?How do you think Ashleigh and Pudsey stack up against this year's quarterfinalists?