Edon Pinchot Edon Pinchot

During Tuesday's America's Got Talent semifinals, judge Howard Stern named William Close the frontrunner, but it was 14-year-old Edon who stole the show.

The singer received a standing ovation for his rendition of One Direction's smash hit "What Makes You Beautiful." Following Edon's impassioned performance, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne were on their feet while the crowd enthusiastically chanted his name.

"That was amazing," Mandel told the young singer. "You are the best singer in this competition."

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However, Stern wasn't as inspired as the rest of the audience. Though the radio host admitted to being a fan, he confessed, "I was a little bit bored by that song." Osbourne, on the other hand, loved every second of the kippa-wearing cutie's performance."I thought the song choice was spot on!" Osbourne exclaimed. "You're a great pianist and you're a great singer. Plus, the fact that you've got great stage presence. You are amazing!"Watch Edon's performance below. Does he deserve a spot in the finals?