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The 11 Craziest America's Got Talent Performances of All Time

You need to see these to believe them

Sadie Gennis

Over the years, America's Got Talenthas given us some of the most impressive, bizarre, unexpected and unbelievable performances we've ever seen. And while there are tons of imitators out there, AGT remains the only show where a magician, a singer, a ventriloquist and a dog all have an equal opportunity to capture America's heart -- and that $1 million grand prize.

Look back on the craziest AGT performances of all time below.

1. Kenichi Ebina's body-bending dance routine.

2. This 6-year-old's heavy metal singing.

3. These jump-roping dogs.

4. Smoothini's lightning-fast magic routine.

5. Freckled Sky's high-tech dance performance.

6. Wunderkind Adrian Romoff's jaw-dropping piano skills.

7. The Professional Regurgitator throwing up Heidi Klum's $500,000 ring.

8. This sexy dancing baby.

9. Chris Jones hypnotizing germaphobe Howie Mandelinto shaking hands.

10. The contestant whose entire talent was getting kicked in the nuts.

11. Special Head defying logic and levitating on stage.

What's your favorite America's Got Talent performance?
Season 11 of America's Got Talent premieres Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.