Nick Cannon, Ben Blaque Nick Cannon, Ben Blaque

We thought we'd seen it all on America's Got Talent, but crossbow performer Ben Blaque proved us wrong. On Tuesday's wild card episode, judges Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and Sharon Osbourne each brought back four picks for a shot at redemption. Without a doubt, Blaque was one of the few who redeemed himself by performing what is possibly the most dangerous act to ever hit the AGT stage.

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With a bag placed over his head, Blaque blindly shot a crossbow at a target, which set off a chain reaction of self-firing crossbows fires while the audience watched nervously. The act culminated in a perfect shot to the apple placed just above Blaque's head."That was phenomenal," Stern said of his pick. "You deserve a spot here. Tonight was your night." The other two judges agreed. "I cannot believe that we let you go," exclaimed Mandel.Watch Blaque's performance below. Do you think he deserves a spot in the finals?