Question: When will Americans get to see the second season of Extras?

Answer: The new season starts Sunday, Jan. 14, and the celeb cameos are out of control in the first three episodes. In the premiere, Orlando Bloom tries to convince Maggie (Ugly Betty's Ashley Jensen) that he's sexier than Johnny Depp. In the second, Andy (Ricky Gervais) gets into the VIP section of a club and bumps into David Bowie, who ad-libs a hilarious song about how Andy has sold his soul for sitcom stardom. And there's a scene in the third episode involving Daniel "Harry Potter" Radcliffe, Dame Diana Rigg and a condom that must be seen to be believed. Oh, and in case anyone's worried the show will go PC, Andy insults a kid with Down's syndrome and kicks a dwarf. Ah, good times.