Only halfway into Wednesday's American Idol and it was already elimination time. As anyone could have guessed, Rayvon was once again in the bottom two, this timed joined by Tyanna. But rather than have either perform for the new Twitter fan save, it was quickly announced that Rayvon was safe. Again.

Save these shows: Which of your favorites are in danger?

This is the sixth time the singer has been in the bottom, but managed to crawl his way back into the competition. So what gives? Is Rayvon cursed to be in the bottom each week? Or is he blessed to always get that last-minute save? Could this season turn into the ultimate underdog story, with Rayvon somehow scrapping his way to the title? Or is his luck about to run out?

Watch Rayvon's performances from Wednesday night below. Do you think Rayvon deserves to stay?