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American Idol Hollywood Part 2 Highlights: And Then There Were 24...

Hollywood is over. Now the real competition begins.

Liam Mathews

We have our Top 24 on American Idol. It took a while to get to this point, but now the real competition starts.

Congratulations to, in alphabetical order: Jenn Blosil, MacKenzie Bourg, Emily Brooke, Amelia Eisenhauer, Trent Harmon, Gianna Isabella, James VIII, Lee Jean, CJ Johnson, Adam Lasher, Tristan McIntosh, Jeneve Rose Mitchell, Stephany Negrete, Dalton Rapattoni, Jenna Renae, La'Porsha Renae, Olivia Rox, Jordan Sasser, Thomas Stringfellow, Manny Torres, Sonika Vaid, Kory Wheeler, Avalon Young and Shelbie Z.

This week was all about whittling it down to that Top 24. We finally got some solo full-band performances, and there were of course some great moments.

Is this really the final season of American Idol?

Trent Harmon
This overdressed Southerner is phenomenally talented. You wouldn't know how sick he is (he has mono) from his powerful performance of Elton John's "Tiny Dancer." He of course made it through, because he's one of the best singers on the show even when he's ill. He really needs to ditch the scarves and hats though. They're distracting.

Lee Jean
The cutest boy on American Idol right now is 16-year-old Lee Jean, whose guitar is almost as big as he is. He took some criticism for his repeated shushing of the crowd during his performance of Ed Sheeran's "Make It Rain," but he made it through, because while it's pretty easy to learn to not shush the crowd, being this adorable can't be taught.

Stephany Negrete
During Wednesday's solo round, Stephany Negrete impressed with her poise, pipes, and ability to walk in heels.

John Wayne Schulz
During the solo round, John Wayne Schulz lost his lucky cowboy hat. He's never performed without it, and unfortunately the hat's luckiness was confirmed, as he was sent home the next night. The big handsome cowboy wasn't able to make it though, despite sucking up to Keith Urban by performing one of his songs.

Next week, the semi-finalists start to duet with former Idols including Ruben Studdard, Fantasia Barrino and Scotty McCreery.

Watch our video on American Idol's final season with Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr.