Egads, might Sanjaya and his sis have a friend who's a drummer? As first reported by, Ryan Seacrest announced on Wednesday's American Idol results show the launch of a spin-off of sorts. Tentatively titled The Search for the Next Great American Band, the competition will invite group acts versus solos, and possibly air as soon as the fall (though only one night a week, say early reports). The decision to finally "band" together on this obvious extension of the Idol format "was a no-brainer," Cecile Frot-Coutaz (who is exec-producing with Idol cohorts Ken Warwick, Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe) tells Variety. "[We] asked ourselves why we hadn't thought of it before."

Me, I think this could be an awesome opportunity for Antonella, Alaina and Haley to hook up and do something special. Musically, even.

UPDATE: Click on over to the TV Guide News Report to see what LaKisha Jones had to say about being an early favorite, and the caliber of Simon's kissing!

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