Zachary Quinto Zachary Quinto

Cheers to Zachary Quinto for having a bloody good time on American Horror Story.

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In the hysterical FX shocker's two-part Halloween episode, the ex-Heroes serial killer reconnects with his dark side as a previous owner of the "Murder House" — half of the same-sex couple whose plans to renovate and flip the property allegedly ended with a murder-suicide. Quinto (who recently came out in real life) brings a spiky energy and sense of humor to the role.

It's galaxies away from his coolly logical performance as Spock in Star Trek or his acclaimed work as an embattled investment banker in the new thriller Margin Call. And since Quinto's AHS character appears to be undead, one can only hope he'll keep coming back to haunt us on a regular basis.

Did Zachary Quinto slay you on American Horror Story?

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