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American Horror Story Spin-Off: Everything to Know About American Horror Stories

Check out the first poster for the new show

Sadie Gennis

The American Horror Story universe is growing! Ryan Murphy is giving us a spin-off of the popular FX anthology, titled American Horror Stories.

Since its premiere in 2011, American Horror Story has been one of FX's most popular series, drawing in celebrated talent -- including Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, and even Lady Gaga -- and racking up awards, including 16 Emmys and two Golden Globes. It only makes sense that Murphy would want to capitalize on AHS's success, and if we're being honest, we're pretty shocked it took nine years for this to happen!

As if news on the flagship series wasn't already hard enough to come by, details about the possible spin-off are even more scare at the moment. But we've rounded up everything to know so far about the AHS offshoot below.

American Horror Story Season 10: Theme, Cast, Release Date, and More

Ryan Murphy shared the news on Instagram. Murphy announced that he was working on a spin-off on May 11, 2020 through a post on his Instagram account. Murphy shared that he had done a Zoom call with the AHS cast "where we reminisced about the good times... the spin-off we're doing called American Horror Stories," Murphy's caption read in part.

The first poster has been revealed. Because Murphy loves to keep us on our toes, the first art for American Horror Stories was unveiled just one day after the American Horror Story Season 10 art was released. In this poster, we see a woman with a cracked face and a black widow spider crawling in her skull, and the spider's red design matches the red stain on the woman's mouth. Murphy hasn't given many other hints about this new series just yet, but he did say on Twitter that it will delve "into horror myths, legends, and lore."

It's going to have a different format than AHS. Unlike American Horror Story, which tells one story across each season, American Horror Stories will consist of hour-long, self-contained episodes, per Murphy's Instagram post. Per Deadline, sources have reported that each episode will specifically be "a standalone ghost story," so if you were hoping American Horror Stories would mean more room for Murphy and the team to move away from specters and finally give us some good alien horror, you maybe be in for some disappointment.

It will air on FX on Hulu. Two weeks after Murphy first announced he was developing the spin-off, FX officially ordered American Horror Stories to series on May 26, 2020. However, the upcoming anthology won't air on FX alongside the flagship; instead, American Horror Stories will air as part of FX on Hulu, per Deadline.

American Horror Story: A Definitive Timeline

It will likely feature a ton of American Horror Story stars. We already know Murphy loves to cast from the same pool of actors across all his projects, so we expect the same to be true for American Horror Stories. And when Murphy announced the spin-off, he said he had been discussing the project with a group of AHS favorites over Zoom. However, the image he shared appears to be a fan-made creation and not an actual screenshot of the Zoom chat. But those featured in the pic that Murphy posted are: Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Denis O'Hare, Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Emma Roberts, Angelica Ross, Leslie Grossman, Finn Wittrock, Taissa Farmiga, Billie Lourd, Dylan McDermott, Adina Porter, and Cody Fern.

Sarah Paulson will be one of the directors. During a virtual panel promoting Ratched, Paulson was asked whether she would appear in the first season of American Horror Stories. "I don't know if I'm going to be in it but I do think I'm going to be directing it," Paulson responded, before clarifying that she won't direct the whole season, but part of it.

The title is confusing. We really hope the title for the spin-off isn't final, because American Horror Stories is WAY too similar to American Horror Story. We are already bracing ourselves for all the confusion about which AHS someone is referring to if they don't pick a better title before it hits the air.

It probably won't premiere for a while. It appears as though the spin-off is still in the early stages of development, which means we likely won't see it hitting our screens for a long time. It's also unknown how the production delay on AHS Season 10 might affect the timeline for this new project.

American Horror Story is available to stream on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Murder House

Jessica Lange, American Horror Story: Murder House