We already knew that all the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, but will the mysterious sixth season answer one of the franchise's biggest mysteries?

In a new teaser, a trail of spiders is seen parading into a slit cut into the back of a person's neck. The imagery is extremely reminiscent of the robot spider that was removed from Kyle's (Evan Peters) neck in Asylum — a spider which was tied to the aliens who had previously abducted the Briarcliffe patient.

Previous trailers for Season 6 have hinted at aliens playing a part in the storyline again, and a poster released earlier this month featured spiders crawling out of a woman's eyes. If this means that AHS will finally address what the aliens wanted in Asylum, we are all for it. It could also tie into the set photos that show the lost colony of Roanoke, whose disappearance Ryan Murphy could easily explain by incorporating an extraterrestrial event.

Do you think there will be aliens in Season 6?

American Horror Story returns Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10/9c on FX.