American Horror Story American Horror Story

FX is weaving a whole lot of mystery into promos for their upcoming fall drama, American Horror Story.

Take the new poster, for example, which is riddled with clues that fans won't even understand until after they've seen the premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 5 at 10/9c. Let's take a look at three things in the poster that had us scratching our heads.  [Spoilers! The clues in the poster are very circumspect, but still may tip off major events in the premiere.]

American Horror Story promo: What the hell is going on?

1. That half-naked redhead sprawled across the floor? That appears to be a lady who has the same hair color as the show's protagonist, Tami Taylor Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton), a woman who has moved with her husband Ben (Dylan McDermott) and daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) to Los Angeles after their family goes through hard times. Well, since this is a horror story, we assume there are harder times ahead, which is why we're scared about this lady looking rather "expectant" in the poster.

2. So who's the shiny, rubber-suited enigma doing a Cirque du Soleil act from the rafters? The way his feet are sprouting from the ceiling seems to indicate that he is connected to the house of horrors the Harmon family moves into. A plumber perhaps?  The way he's reaching out to the lady below could mean something ... but what? Maybe he just needs a hug. If you have a really sharp eye, you can see a similarly shiny arm in the recently released American Horror Story promo.

"Why don't they just leave?" Ryan Murphy promises answers about Horror Story's haunted house

3. Speaking of the house, take a look at those blood-red walls and notice, well, how bloody they look. That has to mean something ... is it an indication of victims past? If so, whose victims? Then again, red is a color that also inspires thoughts of love and passion (Aww!) ... and anger. Hmm, these elements could make for one heck of a horror story!

Check out the poster below and share your thoughts on Ryan Murphy's new series in the comments: