All eyes will understandably be on Lady Gaga this season on American Horror Story: Hotel. But when Ryan Murphy introduced Sarah Paulson's character as "the baddest girl of them all," he absolutely wasn't kidding.

Hypodermic Sally might not drink blood (like Gaga's The Countess) or even come close to the horror that is the Hotel Cortez's Addiction Demon, but she's decidedly more twisted than any of Paulson's previous characters in the Horror Story franchise. In fact, it's Sally's selfish ways that condemn Iris (Kathy Bates) and her son Donovan (Matt Bomer) to their lives at the Hotel Cortez.

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But because of what Sally did to Donovan in 1994, she'll find herself suffering the consequences for far more than a lifetime. As a result, you'll quickly learn that Sally is much more than what she seems.

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VIDEO: See why Kathy Bates hates Sarah Paulson in Hotel below: