[Warning: The following contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Cult's latest episode. Read at your own risk!]

Is literally everyone in Ally's (Sarah Paulson) life working against her? It's beginning to look that way on American Horror Story: Cult.

Going into this week's episode, we already knew that her nanny Winter (Billie Lourd) and her neighbors, Meadow (Leslie Grossman) and Harrison (Billy Eichner), are only embedded in her life as part of Kai's (Evan Peters) plan. We'd even begun to suspect that Ally's wife Ivy (Alison Pill) is in on the conspiracy. Now, it looks like her therapist is bonafide evil too!

Dr. Rudy Vincent (Cheyenne Jackson) first raised our hackles in the season premiere when Ally mentioned how the clowns who terrorized her in the grocery store seemingly knew all her fears. But seeing as Ally isn't exactly discrete when it comes to her phobias, it wouldn't have taken an inside man to figure out the best ways to terrify the Michigan mom. But if you ask us, Cult's latest episode, "Neighbors from Hell," all but confirms that Dr. Vincent is involved with Kai's cult.

The episode kicks off with Dr. Vincent celebrating a major breakthrough of one of his patients, Ruby, who has finally figured out how to cope with her fear of coffins. But when Ruby and her husband go home to celebrate, they're ambushed by the killer clowns who proceed to imprison each of them in their own private coffin, leaving them to suffocate to death in this living nightmare.

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If that wasn't a big enough coincidence for you, then there was this: During a phone conversation with Ally, Dr. Vincent seems fairly uninterested in his patient's mental state, bluntly telling Ally that they're out of time before suggesting she check herself into an in-patient facility because she's a potential danger to her family. All the while, Dr. Vincent is absentmindedly arranging a handful of smiley face pins into a neat little line.

The killer clown gang's calling card is a smiley face, as the world now knows thanks to Beverly Hope's (Adina Porter) fear-mongering news report. So while it'd be easy to excuse the tryphophobia-triggering clown masks, the fact that the murdered couple were also patients of Dr. Vincent or even the smiley face buttons if they were individual incidents, when taken together they're painting a very clear picture of Dr. Rudy as a man who you should definitely not be confiding in.

We still don't know how Dr. Vincent would have gotten himself involved with someone like Kai, who doesn't seem to run in the same circles as a well-to-do, liberal therapist. However, Dr. Vincent did previously reveal to Ally that he's been coping with Trump's victory by throwing himself into TRX workouts. And you know who just so happens to be a personal trainer? Harrison! It's entirely possible that the pair met at the gym and Harrison recruited his client to the cult after seeing that Dr. Vincent's yet another lost liberal looking to make order out of the chaos society found itself in after the election. It clearly worked with Winter, so why not Dr. Vincent?

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The TRX namedrop also connects Dr. Vincent to a very disturbing image from the full season preview of Cult released earlier this month. In the shot, we see a masked and bloodied man suspended from the ceiling by ropes — much how a TRX fanatic would use suspension trainers as part of their workout.

A blue-haired man (likely Kai) appears to either be freeing the man from his shackles or leading the torture. We know Kai isn't above using physical violence to keep his followers in line, so this could be a part of Dr. Vincent's willing participation in Kai's cult. Or perhaps he really is just an innocent victim who gets caught in Kai's web because of his proximity to Ally. JUST KIDDING! He's totally evil, right?

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