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American Horror Story: Cult: Why Ally's Shocking Move Probably Wasn't an Accident

Who set her up?

Keisha Hatchett

[Warning: This post contains spoilers from Episode 2 of American Horror Story: Cult, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark."]

Ally (Sarah Paulson) just crossed a line that she can't turn back from. Tuesday night's American Horror Story: Cultsaw the Michigan mom get blood on her hands when she shot and (presumably) killed her employee Pedro in the episode's final seconds.

While it seemed to be an accident -- Ally was terrified for her life with her power cut off, her suspicious new neighbor Harrison (Billy Eichner) calling the outage a terror attack and her nanny Winter (Billie Lourd) straight-up abandoning her -- the incident will likely aid in furthering Kai's (Evan Peters) agenda, which involves using chaos as a means of controlling and manipulating others into doing his bidding.

We saw him do just that in the beginning of the episode when he used the footage of his violent beat-down by migrant workers in the premiere (which he instigated) as a means of kickstarting his bid for city council -- a position that is only open due to the brutal murder of Councilman Chang (Tim Kang) that Kai most likely orchestrated.

This American Horror Story: Cult Theory Might Explain Kai's Obsession With Ally

But now it looks like that twisted "love story" between Kai and Ally, which Ryan Murphy teased ahead of the new season, has officially begun. While Ally may have literally shut the door on Kai's hateful rhetoric earlier in the episode, it looks like she has become an active pawn in his messed-up mind games. It's not like Kai physically forced her to get the handgun used to shoot Pedro, but is it really just a coincidence that the same people who filmed Kai's attack are the same ones who gave Ally a gun? Let's put on our tinfoil hats for a moment and consider the conspiracy at hand.

If Harrison and his wife Meadow (Leslie Grossman) turn out to be followers of Kai, then they probably gave Ally the gun with the sole purpose of hoping she'd do something drastic with it. Kai played his part by amping up her paranoia during his threatening home visit and likely even arranging the chef Roger's death as a means to validate Ally's fears over her family's safety. With Winter leaving, there was no one around to reason with Ally when she pulled out the gun. But how could Kai have known Pedro -- or anyone -- would visit the Mayfair-Richards house that night?

Ivy was the one who sent Pedro to their home. Could she be working with Kai too, or was Pedro's death an unexpected surprise?

Only time will tell whether Ivy is a part of Kai's cult, but there's no way Kai isn't going to use the shooting to incite more violence and try to get on Ally's good side.

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.