Jessica Lange Jessica Lange

After the first chilling teaser was released on Friday, we didn't think the promos for American Horror Story: Asylum could get any creepier. We were wrong.

The latest promo for AHS' second chapter features two creepy nuns involved in their haunting asylum duties. Sadly, neither is returning star Jessica Lange (we think).

VIDEO: Watch the first trailer for American Horror Story: Asylum

In the promo, a nun, clad only in a black habit, prays in the background with her face turned away from the camera. In the foreground, a second nun dressed in white —and wearing creepy Kabuki whiteface — crosses the room, carefully hangs a blue coat on the wall, sits down and shoots the camera a terrifying side-eye.What does it all mean? We'll have to wait until AHS: Asylum

premieres in October on FX to find out for sure. But for now, watch the promo below and let the speculation begin!