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Only two episodes of American Horror Story to go! It's time to find out what Murder House is really after.

Billie Dean, who last week gave Constance the impression that Tate and Vivien's growing bundle of evil might be the Antichrist, senses that the house has an agenda of its own — over and above the desires of all the dead people dwelling in it.

American Horror Story's Taissa Farmiga dishes on Violet's fate and what's next

"The force here in this house is larger than the many individual traumas, and it has a need," she says. "It wants to break through."

Check out's exclusive sneak peek at this week's new episode, "Birth," to find out what else the house wants — and which dead spirit Billie doesn't want around!

"Birth" airs Wednesday at 10/9c on FX. What do you think Vivien will give birth to? Why does Billie Dean get disturbed by this one specific spirit but has no problem with Violet? Could Billie Dean be a fake? Or could Violet be trapped in a different way than the other house ghosts? Tell us your theories in the comments below.