How big a stud is American Dreams co-star Jamie Elman? Although the quick-witted Canuck doesn't wind up with leading lady Charisma Carpenter in the ABC Family romantic comedy See Jane Date (premiering Saturday at 8 pm/ET), he tells TV Guide Online, "I'm one of the few guys who ends up with any girl. Let's put it that way."

Considering that the TV movie's rogues' gallery of bachelors includes Antonio Sabato Jr., Evan Marriott and Less Than Perfect funnyman Zachary Levi, that's really sayin' something. Even more impressive, Elman not only gets a girl, he marries her! "I'm the groom at the wedding Charisma is looking for a date to bring her to," he explains. "I'm marrying Kim Schraner.

"[Schraner] was beautiful, charming, great. I loved getting married to her. In fact," he adds wryly (or perhaps not), "if she wasn't married with a kid in real life — and, you know, just not really all that interested — I might have asked her out."

If nothing else, the noncouple would have been one step ahead of the dating game when it came time for Schraner to meet Elman's folks. "My parents visited me on the set and took a picture of me and Kim standing by our wedding cake — you know, with the wedding band on my finger, her in the gown, me in my tux," he recalls. "They were so damn happy. I said, 'You'd better enjoy this picture, because I don't know when you'll get to see this for real!'"

Yes, believe it or not, the sensitive Student Bodies heartthrob is unattached, or, as he puts it, "so single." "But it's a good time to be single," he says optimistically. "Of course, if I was, like, Tobey Maguire, it would be a really great time to be single. I would gladly take [love-life] tips from him." And, for that matter, leftovers. "If [his rumored Mrs. Robinson] Nicole Kidman is interested in calling, I wish she would."