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America Ferrera Will Get a Proper Goodbye on Superstore After All

It's a bittersweet silver lining

Megan Vick

It's been a rollercoaster for Superstore fans over the past few months, mostly in a downward direction, but things are starting to look up -- sort of. In February, it was revealed that America Ferrera would be leaving the show at the end of Season 5. Then when production shut down amid the coronavirus pandemic and Superstore was forced to end the season early, it seemed like fans wouldn't get the chance to see a proper send-off for Amy.

However, both executive producers Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller and Ferrera agreed it would be unacceptable to have Amy depart from her Cloud 9 store without a proper goodbye. Green and Miller confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that Ferrera will return for the Season 6 premiere to give Amy her intended send-off and give fans the closure they deserve with the character.

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"It ended up not really being much of a bummer at all because pretty immediately we decided that America would be coming back. She really wanted to come back and do the planned finale as our first episode of next season," Green told EW. "It was a very quick, mutual decision. There was no back-and-forth about it at all. We were like, 'This obviously has to happen.' And so we'll work around her schedule to make sure that happens, but there was never really a moment where we thought, 'Oh no we're not going to be able to give Amy a sendoff.'"

What remains to be figured out is when that Season 6 premiere will actually occur. Productions are still shut down to mitigate the spread of the virus and networks are still figuring out when it will be safe to resume filming, or begin production on next season's slate.

Superstore is now available on Hulu.

America Ferrera, Superstore

America Ferrera, Superstore

Ron Batzdorff/NBC