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Here's What's Coming to Amazon Prime in November

Now there will be no excuse for not catching up on Teen Wolf

Sadie Gennis

Don't kid yourself. As the weather gets colder, you're about to get much more acquainted with your couch. But thankfully, Amazon has you covered. Here are all the new TV shows and movies that will be free to stream in November:

Desk Set (11/1)

The Enemy Below (11/1)

The Craft (11/1)

Eight Crazy Nights (11/1)

The Newton Boys (11/1)

Tell (11/5)

Awakenings (11/5)

The Adventures of Milo and Otis (11/5)

The Mask of Zorro (11/5)

Seven Years In Tibet (11/5)

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (11/5)

The Yes Men Are Revolting (11/7)

Wolf Hall (11/10)

Prince (11/10)

Outrageous Sophie Tucker (11/11)

The Song (11/12)

Ex Machina (11/14)

The Joe Show (11/15)

Mr. Selfridge Season 3 (11/18)

Catch Me Daddy (11/18)

Vikings Season 3 (11/19)

Dying of The Light (11/19)

Man in the High Castle (11/20)

Only God Forgives (11/21)

Teen Wolf Season 5a (11/22)

Kate & Leopold (11/26)

Falling Skies (11/28)

Top Five (11/28)