The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man

Columbia Pictures gave comic book fans a Valentine's Day gift by releasing a sneak peek of the Spider-Man reboot starring Andrew Garfield: a new photo of the star in the suit and the film's official title.

VIDEO: Andrew Garfield reacts to first Spider-Man photo

The image shows Garfield fully suited up — mask and all — as the nimble vigilante in his classic crouched pose. Devices on the inside of his wrist appear to be inorganic web shooters that Spidey alter ego Peter Parker invented — a topic sure to be discussed ad nauseum online.

It's the first photo officially released by Columbia Pictures, although fans have already seen Garfield sans mask and wearing a backpack in an earlier photo online.

The official title for the film, The Amazing Spider-Man, is a nod to the long-running Spider-Man comic book series.

Emma Stone joins Spider-Man, but not as Mary Jane

The 3-D film, which also stars Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans, swings into theaters July 3, 2012.

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