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The Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan Breaks Down the Final Four Teams

And who has the best shot to win?

Megan Vick

There are only four teams left on Season 30 of The Amazing Race and only one of them will be crowned the winner at the end of Wednesday's two-hour season finale.

Heading into the final two cities to race are Team IndyCar, Team Extreme, Team Big Brother and Team Yale -- four very different teams with four very different sets of skills. TV Guide was able to sit down with host Phil Keoghan to breakdown the assets and flaws of all four teams as he teased who might have the best chance of crossing the finish line first after the final Hong Kong and San Francisco legs.

Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race​

Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race

Timothy Kuratek, CBS

For Team Yale, Keoghan says their intellect is their best tool in helping them cross the finish line. As the last team to cross the finish line after the last leg, Team Yale will have a speed bump challenge that none of the other teams have to deal with, but Keoghan has faith they can logically figure their way out of it quickly. If anything is going to be their downfall, it's the fact that they're young and it'll be harder for them to navigate the nighttime Hong Kong challenge because they'll get more stressed out than a more experienced team.

Team Big Brother has the same cross to bear, according to Keoghan, but they've outperformed a lot of people's expectations so far and he doesn't think you should start underestimating them yet. Cody has proven to be a fierce physical competitor and Jess has made smart decisions at crucial times for them. If they can stay even-keeled, they could be the team to beat in the two-hour finale.

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For Team Big Brother to pull it out they'll have to take out some very fierce competition though. Team IndyCar is used to winning, as Keoghan points out, and they live their lives playing fast paced games so they're ready to take on any sudden challenges. They've dominated the last half of the season and they go into the finale in first place so it's their lead to lose, honestly.

Keoghan's favorite though is Team Extreme, who he's said to look out for since the beginning. Kristi and Jen are X-Games gold medalists and have proven themselves to be tough competitors throughout the entire season. They also have a lot more life experience than the other teams which makes it easier for them to stay calm when things start going sideways -- a quality that can't be overvalued as stress mounts in the final legs of the race.

Who is your favorite to win the most competitive season of The Amazing Race yet?

The Amazing Race Season 30 finale airs Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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