Since they embarked on The Amazing Race (Tuesdays at 9 pm/ET on CBS), Survivor's lovebirds of prey, Rob and Amber, have made us forget all about the joyless ride that Big Brother backstabber Alison made of the intercontinental trip with now-ex-boyfriend Donny. So can a Race filled entirely with reality personalities be far behind? thinks not. For one thing, the show is already getting more gimmicky: An upcoming edition features family foursomes instead of the usual pairs. For another, could producers, much less viewers, possibly resist sending these debatably dynamic duos 'round the world? Again, we think not. What do you think? Read our suggestions below, then cast your vote in today's homepage poll.
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, The Osbournes: The former Black Sabbath yowler would eat up any Amazing Race Detour in which the ingestion of yucky stuff was an option — he used to bite the heads off bats, for crying out loud! But, considering the difficulty the Ozster has had just finding his way around his own home, we suspect the addled rocker would cause his temperamental better half to blow her stack before their first customs line. Maybe the Osbournes should consider taking Dr. Phil as a carry-on?

Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, American Idol 2: With costly legal troubles dawging the plus-size singer at every turn, his red-headed buddy would be doing him a favor by making tracks with him toward Race's $1 million payday. Of course, Team Odd Couple likely would use up all of Aiken's elfin magic the first time they had to hike in the mountains: We haven't seen the zip line yet that could hold the concrete... er, velvet teddy bear.

Eva Pigford and Ann Markley, America's Next Top Model 3: Since athletic Ann's love/hate relationship with Top Model winner Eva bordered on obsession (and not the Calvin Klein variety, either), they'd make ideal globe-trotting partners. For starters, because Ann follows around Eva like a besotted puppy dog, the snarky supervixen would never have to berate her for lagging behind. Moreover, brainy Eva could easily coerce brawny Ann into carrying their backpacks — and you know the Cover Girl's makeup bag alone is gonna weigh a ton!

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Newlyweds: The real challenge for MTV's bubbleheaded First Couple — and the really guilty pleasure for us — would be watching them travel to hell and back, trailed every step of the way by paparazzi. (And Jonathan thought his pokey spouse, Victoria, was a handicap!) Plus, including these two dumbbells in the lineup might finally prompt Race producers to create a Roadblock involving long division... You know, just to watch the smoke come out of their ears.

Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav, Strange Love: These flirtatious former Surreal Life housemates are so freaky-deaky, foreign cultures wouldn't faze them a bit. Besides, they are uniquely well-equipped to combat anxiety, should they get separated on the road. The diminutive rapper could simply follow his hard-livin' companion's ever-growing trail of cigarette smoke and empty liquor bottles. And Sly's ex? Why, she could just listen for her playmate's trademark crowing ("Flavor Flaaav!").