Not everyone in Hollywood is doing the can-can over Moulin Rouge. Leap of Faith star Lisa Edelstein — probably best known to TV audiences for her stereotype-shattering portrayal of a transgender person last season on Ally McBeal — confesses that she didn't get a kick out of Baz Luhrmann's Oscar-nominated musical.

"I actually ended up leaving the theater. I got kind of bored," she admits TV Guide Online. "Cabaret is one of my favorite movies, and part of it has to do with the costumes and the choreography and the music. But Moulin Rouge [didn't feature] original music and none of the dance numbers were shot in a way that you could see them. And the costumes went flashing by so fast you couldn't appreciate them. It kind of lost me."

Also lost on Edelstein is the rather harsh reception her new NBC comedy has gotten from some TV critics. "They're very hard on NBC because NBC is so successful," she reasons of Leap's mostly mixed notices. "Ultimately, it didn't really matter because we had a built-in audience with [lead-in] Friends."

Well, Rachel, Ross and co. didn't provide much of a boost to Leap's universally panned predecessor, Inside Schwartz. But so far, Leap seems to have bucked the post-Friends curse — in spite of the disappointing reviews. "We've survived the attack," proclaims Edelstein, who's also in the midst of a recurring stint as Scott Speedman's love interest on Felicity. "The ratings have been excellent. The network is really happy, and that's all that I care about."