Does Alicia Silverstone have a hit on her hands with NBC's Miss Match? As if! The series bears too striking a resemblance to the movie starlet's 1995 comedy Clueless to fail. See for yourself.


Golden girl: Silverstone plays Kate, a singleton with a knack for striking matches between her law firm's odd clients out.

Father time: Kate's dad is a tough-as-nails divorce lawyer.

Best bud: Kate's sidekick, Victoria, has a steady stream of beaux.

Hit and run: Kate tells a boyfriend to take a hike by getting out of his car.

True love: Fair-haired Kate seems, um, clueless that cute pal Michael is destined to be hers.


Golden girl: Silverstone plays Cher, a single teen with a flair for pairing up her high school's lonely hearts.

Father time: Cher's pop is a sharp-as-a-tack corporate attorney.

Best bud: Cher's sidekick, Dionne, goes steady with a dreamboat.

Hit and run: Cher leaves a suitor in the dust by fleeing from his speedster.

True love: Airhead Cher sees herself and adorable ex-stepbrother Josh as a, um, mismatch.