Think you've got a tough job? Try playing an action hero every week on TV. But you won't catch Alias badass Jennifer Garner complaining about her heavy workload. "It's not like I'm the only person in the country working 16- or 17-hour days," she tells TV Guide Online of her physically demanding role as double agent Sydney Bristow. "Yeah, it's exhausting, but it's also exhilarating.

"The physicality of the role actually gets me pumped up," continues the 29-year-old Golden Globe nominee, who's married in real life to Felicity dreamboat Scott Foley. "It just seems to happen that the big fight scenes are shot in the middle of the night, and the crew is always saying, 'Oh Jen, are you okay?' And I always say, 'You know what? I'm probably better off than you guys. Because I'm up and my adrenaline is going.'"

All of her hard work is paying off: Garner has been heralded by critics as the breakout star of the 2001-02 TV season. But despite all of the potentially head-swelling acclaim, Garner isn't anxious to leave TV behind for a career in movies. As it is, the actress admits that a plum part like Sydney comes around but once in a lifetime.

"I can't imagine a role that is as challenging or as interesting as the one that I'm playing," she confesses. "I can't imagine getting a script that I would love as much as I love every script I get. So, it'll be tough to find something that I fall in love with.

"And I'll still have to get the job," she modestly adds. "It's not like the scripts are pouring in."