Those eye-catching billboards promoting ABC's critically acclaimed spy caper Alias — featuring a provocative image of the show's leading lady, Jennifer Garner, sporting a candy-apple dye job — have been stopping traffic nationwide since making their roadside debut in August. Garner herself slammed on the breaks the first time she saw the IMAX-sized work of art.

"It really knocked me off my feet," recalls the 29-year-old Texas native, who was driving with her actor-husband, Scott Foley (Felicity), at the time of the sighting. "Even though I was expecting it, and I knew that they were out there and I knew what they looked like, I was completely overwhelmed and thrilled.

"But it's really not that big of a deal," she adds. "It's exciting the first time you see it, and then you let it go and move on."

Despite the ambitious ad campaign — and the promising ratings for Alias's first three episodes — Garner has yet to be recognized on the street. Of course, it helps that the actress rarely leaves the house with a red coif — let alone any of the other numerous disguises her double-agent character slips into.

"Besides, I don't think I'm particularly recognizable anyway, because it's never been an issue," notes the former star of Fox's short-lived Jennifer Love Hewitt vehicle Time of Your Life. "So, my life hasn't changed at all. I'm just working and hoping that we do well enough to go a full season and another season after that."