If you thought last night's post-Super Bowl episode of Alias was big, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Exec producer J.J. Abrams confirms to TV Guide Online that there have been some informal discussions about transporting Jennifer Garner's double-agent alter ego onto the big screen in an Alias feature film.

"It has come up, and... it's an interesting idea," he says. "My agents have talked to me about it, and I know that they have talked to Disney about it, but it's nothing that is seriously being pursued.

"Given the fact that we try every week to do a movie version of the show, it's not clear to me what we would try to do that we aren't already trying to do," adds the former Felicity auteur, who in addition to his Alias duties, is penning the script to the next Superman pic. "And I wouldn't want to make the show look small by doing a [movie]. You have to be careful of that."

Consequently, Alias will most likely arrive in a theater near you after it ends its run on the small screen. Of course, given the drama's ongoing ratings woes, that day might not be too far off. Abrams, however, remains optimistic that ABC will grant Sydney Bristow and Co. a third season.

"I'm betting it will [be renewed]," he says. "But I haven't heard anything official, and it's up to them to say no. But we're plotting our stories ahead as if we'll get picked up, just as during the first season, we were plotting ahead as if we'd get picked up for a second."

Well, there's one thing Alias fans can count on come fall: The show's first season will be released on DVD. "There are going to be a lot of great special features," he says of the mult-disc set, which is slated to arrive in stores on Sept. 2. "When I filmed the pilot, a good friend of mine shot like eight or nine hours of behind-the-scenes footage and did interviews with most of the cast. So, in addition to a number of other really cool features, we're going to edit together a behind-the-scenes piece on the making of the pilot."