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Watch Rory Gilmore Bring Michelle Obama Books and Pop-Tarts

Some things never change

Sadie Gennis

Although Netflix still hasn't released any new footage from the Gilmore Girls revival (or even a premiere date!), we can already see Alexis Bledel back in action as the quick-talking, binge-eating bookworm who has a bizarrely close relationship with her mother.

In a new video, Bledel, as Rory Gilmore, stops by the White House to give Michelle Obama a few (read: dozens) of books for the first lady's "Let Girls Learn" initiative. Rory even passed along a pack of Pop-Tarts to Obama, courtesy of her mother, Lorelai (Lauren Graham)!

12 questions still haunting Gilmore Girls fans

But while Rory and Obama seem thick as thieves in the video, the Yale grad appears to have left politics behind on Gilmore Girls. Based on the first look photos, Rory seems to have parlayed her post-college gig of working on Barack Obama's 2008 campaign into being a teacher -- but a teacher who is apparently BFFs with the first lady, which is very cool.

Now we just have to find out whether Michelle Obama is Team Jess or Team Logan. Because is anyone actually Team Dean? (No.)