Question: What is Alexis Bledel up to these days?

Answer: Beats me, but had Gilmore Girls been back this season, she would've been (wait for it) spending time with ex-leading man Matt Czuchry! No lie. Czuchry recently confirmed to me that despite Rory and Logan's series-ending split, he quietly inked a new deal with the show last spring that if Gilmore was renewed for an abbreviated, 13-episode eighth season would've called for Logan to return. "Contractually, there was an agreement that I would come back for a certain amount of episodes," reveals the upcoming Friday Night Lights guest star, who insists TPTB didn't clue him in on why Logan would've returned. "I don't know [what would've happened], because those episodes were never written. There were a lot of hypotheticals about what those 13 episodes would be." At the very least, the return engagement probably would've given Rory-Logan a better send-off than the forced breakup we got. Looking back, even Czuchry concedes the duo's split felt rushed. "I felt like that particular episode, where he asks her to marry him and then they break up and it's done, just felt like too much at once considering that this relationship was something that had evolved over three seasons." That said, he acknowledges that Gilmore producers were in a tough spot creatively because "when they shot the episode, it wasn't known whether it was a season finale or a series finale. I think that if everybody would've known that it was a series finale, things would have went differently."