Warner Brothers is helping you get excited for summer with another two and a half minutes of Alexander Skarsgard's abs in an extended Legend ofTarzan trailer.

The new clip sets up Tarzan's origin story as well as delves into his time spent abroad in Europe as a full grown adult. The jungle is his home though, and thus most of the footage are glorious shots of Skarsgard swinging (shirtless) from the trees with Tarzan's adopted family and going to war on behalf of the animal kingdom.

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Jane (Margot Robbie) is all of us when she tells the menacing Christoph Waltz, "A normal man can do the impossible to save the woman he loves. My husband is no normal man," before more quick glimpses of Tarzan doing spear battles and starting stampedes.

Don't let us stand in the way of you seeing all of the action (and the abs). Check out the full trailer below.

Legend of Tarzan is in theaters July 1.