Blessed with bedroom eyes and a voice to match, Fame seeker Alex Boyd seemed like a shoo-in to win NBC's spring talent contest. So, naturally, when he didn't emerge victorious, American idolizers were quick to express their disapproval. Heck, we were so ticked off, we quit watching in protest! "The judges said they were surprised, too," the 19-year-old tells TV Guide Online. One particularly impressed panelist, Carnie Wilson, has even gone so far as to throw her weight behind the up-and-comer."I can't thank her enough for taking me on and shopping me to some labels. But [finding the right deal] can take a long time."

Until a forward-thinking A&R bigwig finally realizes that — hello?! — a heartthrob who'll appeal to fans of both Justin Timberlake and Frank Sinatra will sell, oh, a trillion CDs, Boyd is keeping busy planning his assault on the Top 40. "I met a terrific independent producer," he reveals, "and we've been recording [a demo] ever since the show ended." In addition, he's booked his first club dates — Nov. 5 and 12 at the Gardenia in West Hollywood. "I'll be doing an array of jazz standards" — including the soul-searing version of "At Last" that brought down the house on Fame. "[The Cole Porter classic] 'Love For Sale' gives me a little concern, but Harry Connick Jr. did a wonderful arrangement of that, so I'm looking to his rendition for some inspiration. I think I can pull it off."

We don't doubt it. Yet, despite the fact that he's already made admirers of not only adolescent girls but their moms, too, Boyd feels that he has something to prove, and he intends to do just that when he takes to the stage. "I think people will be surprised to see that I'm actually a seasoned and trained musician, not just a cookie-cutter pop star," he says, adding quickly, "Not that I'm a star by any means... yet. But I certainly have a lot to offer, and I feel that my music can be enjoyed by all ages. Plus, on Fame, I felt as though my voice wasn't showcased enough. These performances will give people a chance to truly experience my voice."

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