Alanis Morissette, <EM>Nip/Tuck</EM> Alanis Morissette, Nip/Tuck

Tonight at 10 pm/ET, FX's Nip/Tuck presents the first of three episodes in which angsty rocker Alanis Morissette guests as Poppy, the anesthesiologist lesbian lover of Roma Maffia's Liz. "She wants me to be my best me, to reach my full potential," Maffia says, referring to Poppy's encouraging Liz to get lipo. "But when I go under the knife, we will see just how much she wants me to have done. She is a control freak." Never one to shy away from a freak of any kind, TV Guide spoke to Morissette about her edgy new gig.

TV Guide: This role is a departure for you, isn't it?
Alanis Morissette:
This is definitely against type. I feel like Poppy is my shadow self, everything that I try not to be controlling, micromanaging, projecting all kinds of dysmorphic body issues onto your partner rather than owning your own self.

TV Guide: But do you like the character?
I love how despicable she is on the outside. I like playing characters who [are] easy to hate and write them off from the onset, but eventually you see other layers of this human being.

TV Guide: How did you get the role?
[Nip/Tuck creator] Ryan Murphy was speaking with my agent, and said that when he had written the role of Poppy, he thought of me.

TV Guide: Why you?
I had a lesbian role on Sex and the City where I ended up kissing Sarah Jessica Parker. This, though, feels like a more fleshed-out relationship, more than that cameo.

TV Guide: You kiss Liz, right? [Maffia described it as "just a playful one, no tongue."]
The kiss felt so natural; there was nothing uncomfortable about it. We live in a homophobic culture if it were two men they would be judged to the nth degree, but with women it is "hot." What I love about this is this seems real.

TV Guide: Have you ever had plastic surgery?
No, I haven't. I am 32. I think it can be a slippery slope.

TV Guide: What is it like working with Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon?
Dylan's character is haunting and present and vulnerable, but macho at the same time. Julian... he just cracks me up. He is somehow attractive underneath that despicable character.

TV Guide: Do you enjoy acting as much as singing?
I love acting. It is an amazing art form and a way to embody and express myself in a way that I do not get to do on stage. It is fantastically indulgent, too.

TV Guide: Are you going back into the recording studio soon?
Yes, I am going to start writing over the next few weeks, and I am going to do it in a far less pressure-filled way. The record will emerge on its own.

TV Guide: How do you go about writing songs?
I keep pencils and paper around. I usually fill two journals for each record and at the present, I have seven journals full. I have a lot within me ready to burst out. When I go into the studio, the songs write themselves rather quickly.

TV Guide: How is your relationship with Ryan Reynolds (Just Friends) going? I've read that it is on- and off-again? Do you think you will ever get married?
I have been with Ryan for four years. I feel like we are married already. We will most likely down the road actually do it.

You can find even more Nip/Tuck preview hint: it's about an episode set in the year 2026! in the new issue of TV Guide.

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