Al Roker, Spencer Pratt Al Roker, Spencer Pratt

Woulda, coulda, shoulda: The hypothetical brawl between Today show weatherman Al Roker and Spencer Pratt escalated Tuesday as Roker said that if Spencer had gotten physical during their interview, he would have "dumped him like a bag of dirt."

Roker was addressing a comment Spencer made to TMZ in which the reality star said he would have "ripped [Roker's] head off" during Monday's Today's interview had he not been saved by Jesus a couple weeks back.

Next: Will Spencer say what he would have done if Roker had done the thing he would have done if Spencer had done the thing he didn't do?

Also on Tuesday's Today, Roker defended his questioning of Spencer and new wife Heidi Pratt during the contentious interview.

"I believe I asked what a lot of people wanted to know," said Roker. "And if he had tried to come across, I would have dumped him like a bag of dirt."

Roker also expressed his disbelief that Heidi Pratt advised women to be careful around him.

"C'mon. I've interviewed hundreds of women on this program, never had a complaint. They are so unused to people actually asking them a real question that they didn't know how to handle it," said Roker. "There are a lot of celebrities who come on — real celebrities —who've actually done something and act civil."

Watch the comments below at the 4:30 mark:

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While Speidi continued to bad-mouth Roker during their interview rounds in New York Monday, Montag told Us magazine she has forgiven him.

"I forgive you, you don't even have to ask me, I already forgive you," she says. "It's OK. The devil gets into all of us sometimes. You're forgiven. It'll be a sunny day tomorrow, Weatherman," Heidi said.

Watch the video below:

Roker later took to Twitter to apologize — sort of.

"Heidi & Spencer are young and eventually will realize there is more to life than fame," Roker tweeted Monday. "And by putting them on, we are playing into their evil plot for world domination. For that, I apologize."