Gotta give props to the first question. Positing the former vice president as someone who has weathered firestorms, the reporter asks what Britney Spears might learn from Gore. "I kinda figured the first question would be about Britney Spears," he played along, before eluding the topic like a seasoned politico. "My partner Joel Hyatt and I are just incredibly grateful to the Academy for this Emmy."

If you thought had swept the country like wildfire, you ain't seen nothing yet. "We have other things in the works," Gore teases. "On Oct. 15, we're launching We use to connect with thousands of content creators, and then we put it on real TV in 52 million homes. But is the next step in state of the art." My goosebumps have goosebumps!

Call me woefully unhip for not recognizing her or her shtick, but some old lady "correspondent" from The Tonight Show crashes the room and asks Gore if her cookie-baking negatively impacts the environment. Gore, recognizing the lady from wherever, tactfully deals with her intrusion.

The replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED bulbs in the press room is not lost on the Inconvenient Truth front man. "The Emmys have gone green and I want to give them credit for that. They're one step ahead."