Question: Ahhh... the idea of Deadwood scoop brings a tear to my eye although it could be the conjunctivitis.

Answer: You'd best see Doc Cochran about that. He's looking in on them whores this morning, but I believe he'll be back in the office around 3 pm. Speaking of which, I never got around to telling you all about my unfreakingbelievable Deadwood set visit last month, during which I was treated to an hourlong tour of the show's so-authentic-it's-scary outdoor set. Unlike other TV soundstages, which almost always disappoint when viewed in person, the Deadwood set actually exceeded all of my expectations. Producers actually went and re-created an Old West town in the middle of the freakin' Southern California desert, complete with real interiors, props and, yes, even a blood-splattered pig pen. I half expected Al Swearengen to bust out of the Gem screaming, "C---ks---ers!"  Sadly, Al (Ian McShane) wasn't there, but I did get to meet Trixie (Paula Malcomson) and (SPOILER ALERT) Cy Tolliver (Powers Boothe), who all but confirmed that the stab wound he sustained in the Season 2 finale did not prove fatal. Series creator David Milch was also on hand and revealed that hes toying with the idea of introducing Deadwoods first openly gay character in the upcoming third season. Hes a brilliant producer in love with the male ingénue, says Milch, whos basing the role on real-life theatrical impresario Jack Langrish. Other tidbits Milch dropped: Season 3 will pick up six weeks after the end of Season 2; Alma will be moving out of the hotel and into her very own house, which I happened to witness being built; and don't be surprised to see some sapphic love sprout between Calamity Jane and Joanie Stubbs. Teased Milch: "It's not beyond the realm of possibility." Earth to L Word: Prepare to take copious notes.