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Agent Carter: Bridget Regan Reveals What Happens When Dottie Meets Whitney Frost

Get ready for an epic throwdown

Sadie Gennis

On Tuesday's Agent Carter, three powerhouse women will throw down as each attempts to achieve her mission, some of which are more noble than others. Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) decides to break Dottie Underwood (Bridget Regan) out of prison to stop Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) from causing any more harm. Of course, Dottie isn't exactly the most reliable SSR recruit, which means Jarvis (James D'Arcy) will have his hands full when the two go undercover at one of Calvin Chadwick's parties.

To find out what happens when Dottie and Whitney meet and more, check out what Regan revealed in our interview with the actress below.

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Do you think Peggy made the right call, deciding to break out Dottie? Is it really worth the risk?
Bridget Regan:
Well, Peggy is too injured to go out on her own and she's left with no other choice. She knows no other woman who could handle the situation like Dottie can, and she's left with no other choice, which is so fun for Dottie, because how delicious and validating is it that she comes to her? Obviously, she's bored out of her mind in jail and Peggy comes to her for help.

How does Dottie react to Peggy asking for help?
It's just pure joy. I love working with Hayley so much. She's so talented and so strong. It's so great to play that, "Oh, well, you need me. How fun is this going to be?" Dottie's a little bit obsessed with Peggy, so there's no one she would rather see come through that door.

Does Dottie actually intend to help Peggy or is she just interested in toying with her?
I think that Dottie is wanting to, obviously, number one, get out of jail. So she has to cooperate to a certain extent. Her real motives are unclear, which I love. Last season she was working with Fenhoff and you could tell she was just a soldier with her marching orders and now, there's a line in an upcoming episode that she's a girl without a country, an assassin without a target. I love that, because it really shows who she is. She's like an agent of chaos. She doesn't know what's coming next and we don't know her motives. It's not clear.

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How would you describe Dottie and Peggy's working relationship in these episodes?
Dottie is absolutely fascinated with Peggy. I wouldn't necessarily call it a sexual attraction, but it's an attraction and a fascination with her, who she is and what she's able to do. Dottie's never met anyone like her. It's like this competitive best friend, obsessive relationship. So Dottie's wanting to be around her as much as she can, but also play with her and mess with her. She's unpredictable. Peggy is taking a really big risk pulling Dottie out of jail.

Dottie was dressed as Peggy in the premiere. Is she trying to Single White Female Peggy?
She wasn't completely dressed like Peggy. That's what's so beautiful about what Giovanna Ottobre-Melton [did] with the costumes. It's the perfect blend of Peggy and Dottie. ... It's very playful and fun, like, "I'm just going to be Peggy today." I loved that look. It's probably my favorite so far. And yeah, she is trying her on. But that's what Dottie does. She plays characters. The truth is, we still don't actually know her real name. The character of Dottie is someone she invented to infiltrate Peggy's life in Season 1. So I actually think Dottie is more comfortable in a character than she is ever being herself. She's a product of her training.

Will we get to see any glimpses of the real Dottie in these episodes?
In the second hour, there's some really incredible scenes that I'm so thankful for. We get to see a side of her that we never have. I'm so thankful that the writers demanded more. It was such a challenge and great experience for me as an actor, because it's rare to see Dottie rattled. We haven't. We've seen her physically lose to Peggy a couple times, which wasn't easy for Dottie, but we've never seen her mentally lose. I really enjoyed those scenes.

The show has become much more comedic this season, so can we expect some fun hijinks?
I will say that James D'Arcy is one of the most funny people I've ever worked with. I was in hysterics all day long when I was working with him. First of all, we had to waltz together. I'm an experienced dancer, whereas James was not. He did so well! He did so great. We rehearsed and had choreographers and everything. We had a lot of fun and I think it comes across in the scene.

Dottie and Whitney are both very ruthless and powerful women. So what's it like when they come face to face?
Well, the interesting thing about Dottie and one of my favorite things about her is that she doesn't have any special powers. She's just a real badass. So when she encounters Whitney, she's just like the rest of the characters in the show and the audience. She's just stunned. "What is this zero matter?" And in that moment Dottie is just human, which I love. She's like an even playing field in terms of her and everyone else, except Whitney has this power that is totally bizarre and scary, and we get to see how Whitney uses that.

Agent Carter airs back-to-back episodes Tuesday at 9/8cc on ABC.